Tuesday, August 4, 2020


Monday was a tremendous day because I felt so incredibly happy to be twenty pounds lighter. Dear readers, this will pass.

I went on the dog walk and then decided to get started on tidying the last part of my backyard that is not landscaped—the part where the hammock is. But the hammock won; I felt compelled to engage with it, and so I did, on a lovely warm soft slow Monday afternoon.

I was punished for my sloth: I arose to discover a rash on my upper legs. I smeared it with Polysporin, hoping for the best. I felt like Doris Day who slept swathed in Vasoline. It’s better this morning and far less itchy. A good wash in strong soap and another application of Polysporin should do the trick. 

Late in the afternoon, I took Sheba for a long walk through the forest in the happy hour sunshine. But it was too hot for her, I reckon, because she did not want to walk. Back we came, and then I went down the road to Kevin and Shelly’s house for dinner. It was a pleasant surprise to be invited.

I’m glad I’m getting to know these neighbours. We had a great visit, eating in their brand new home that I watched them build. They are terrific people who are becoming lovely friends.

Today, Her Highness will walk this morning and then I expect I’ll work in the edible garden and start cleaning up the land I plan to till and seed next year. I want to ensure that no Spear Grass matures and seeds. 

I’d never heard of Spear Grass before I moved here, but every dog owner learns about it. It has sharp, pointed leaves with backward reaching hooks that can penetrate skin and fur. The seeds are capable of causing severe damage, even death, to dogs.

The birds are back. Is it coincidence that it’s cooler or was the heat the reason they were gone for a while? I’m super glad to have them back—especially now that I am learning what each species is called.

Crisis alert: There’s not a single Diet Coke to be had on the island. 

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