Saturday, August 8, 2020


Yesterday morning's clear bright morning sky disappeared behind a tide of grey cloud that came in at ten o’clock. Just as I went outside to dig, big raindrops started falling. I came back inside and, like my neighbours, lit the fire so I had a nice warm dry home to come back in to and then went back outside to dig and soon the rain turned to the lightest of showers.

I had to work so that I could return the prybar to Kevin. It was hard work, but the simplest work known to man. I could think about other things whilst I pried and scraped the rocks loose (scales of sandstone), and then scooped them up and into the wheelbarrow with what little soil there was. I dug two holes large enough for the two trees. Now I wait. I won’t dig up the trees and move them until they drop their leaves and go dormant.

It makes me feel good to be doing my best for these beautiful Acers that have been living on land that gets too little direct sunlight.

By three o’clock it was spitting. I got into the spa quickly for a nice soak. I love having a spa in light gentle rain. But I didn’t stay long because Camen was due to return and do the second treatment of the cistern. Not long after I got out, the rain started in earnest. Camen got here just before five and now I have sweet, sweet and pristine drinking water.

Today, the weather is still iffy. I think, today, I’ll start a new book. So far, the weather is not enticing me to the outdoors except to walk Her Highness

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