Wednesday, August 5, 2020


We went for a walk, Tuesday morning, on a new trail and got lost. Well, not exactly lost; I knew where I was and I knew how to reach North Road, but I could not find the trail head to where my car was parked.

Consequently, our walk was really long because we walked back and forth on the central trail looking for the trail head to the route to the car. Luckily, I came upon some women who knew where the trail was that I wanted. 

It was such a beauty of a day that I didn’t care at all about the long walk; I knew we’d find our way out sooner or later. It was great exercise and Sheba was fine with walking in the cooler morning air. When we got home, she went straight to bed and slept for hours and she was absolutely not interested in an afternoon walk.

I had a rest, too. Then it was time to do some long-overdue work in the edible garden and water all the gardens. And I some had time for some primetime loafing.

Marina, Coin and Théo. I love these younguns!

Today’s predicted to be another scorcher here, but tomorrow they say clouds will roll in and that Friday may be wet. I hope so.

We’ll join our fellow dog walkers this morning and then I’m going into the village to do some shopping. I need more soil to top up some gardens and I want to get another Hydrangea to put beside my boardwalk where it meets the courtyard.

I also plan to clean up my long-neglected home—I’m constantly outdoors in this heavenly weather—and to get started clearing the surface of the last area of my yard needing attention. I’m not tilling it; I’ll do that next year. But I can remove the twigs, cones and branches and pull the worst of the weeds up.

I’ve ordered more books and the library has re-opened. I’m anticipating that getting through this winter without guests and living indoors most of the time will be a challenge, so I want to have lots of reading material at my disposal.

I’m taking us on lots of walks in a new area of the island. As I walk these new trails, eventually I will expand my understanding of the vast Gabriola trail network. I got lost yesterday because I’m learning a new area, but come Autumn, I’ll be far more familiar with this new part of the island I’m walking now.

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