Sunday, August 9, 2020

Sad Sunny Sunday

On the weight loss mission: I’ve now lost twenty-one pounds. The loss has slowed, but it continues and as long as it continues, I’m happy. My goal is to lose thirty-two pounds, so I’m two-thirds of the way there. I’m really thrilled because I thought it would take a year to lose the weight, but this Tuesday marks just two months of a changed diet.
The great thing is that I’m eating plenty and I’ve not craved the baking to which I was absolutely addicted until mid-June. Every once in a while, I have just a few grams of chocolate—enough to wash my mouth with its taste and give me a hit of joy.
Today (and most all of this week) is predicted to be sunny and warm. I’m going to be doing more preparation of the fruit tree area in advance of seeding it, plus I’ll do some spot weeding in the gardens. But I’m also going to have a nap in the hammock. But first, the big weekly community dog walk.
Tonight, finally, a new episode of Endeavor. I love the show and all its actors!
Sunday morning: Sunshine and Catherine Duncan’s program on the CBC, Choral Concert. I bliss out every Sunday morning listening to it. I love choral music, thanks to Dianne Bloomer.
I met Dianne years ago and as a function of that, went to hear her choir, Chor Leoni. I went to a rehearsal and watched and wept. At the end, everyone took a break and then Dianne told the choir she wanted to practice their curtain call and exit from the stage.
Someone I’m very fond of told me about a recent diagnosis. It’s a frightening one. My friend came to tell me in person, and I felt I could not touch, let alone hug, him. It was my worst Covid-19 experience to date, not being able to touch him as a way of intensifying the sincerity of my expression of compassion. 

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