Thursday, August 13, 2020

Schlepping Done

 I slept poorly last night. My rash has become rather nasty and it’s spreading up my torso. I’ve got to live with it for today and tonight; tomorrow, the doctor calls and I hope to get a prescription and antibiotic salve this afternoon.

Well… one hundred and eighty-nine pounds! That’s twenty-three and a half pounds gone! It sure is easier when I set myself tasks that involve a lot of physical work. All the shovelling and schlepping yesterday burned a lot of calories. The weight loss is a fitting reward. And I have endless yard work to do.

I looked back in my diary and found that just before my breakdown, I weighed one hundred and sixty pounds. I thought I’d weighed one seventy. I’d actually put on fifty-two pounds over the past four years. I’m appalled, but the thought of trying to lose that much weight is depressing. Besides, I think one sixty is too skinny for moi.

Instead, I’ve decided to look at things this way: I have a new, healthier way of eating, and I think I’ stick to it indefinitely, adding sweets when special occasions warrant them—such as when Dianne visits. (I already have the peach tart in the freezer ready for baking.)

And in the end, I’ll end up weighing whatever I weigh. 

Yesterday was like the day before; very, very busy with work. I swept the shed, cleaned the barbeque, sorted the garbage and put it out for pickup, did and hung out a load of laundry and raked the front lawn clean of its forest fall—their ain’t a single cone in Pinecone Park. And I’d done all that by eight o’clock. 

After the dog walk, I schlepped the last of the soil, cleaned the last garden of all its unwanted, watered several gardens, did another sweep of the courtyard. I also ordered another sturdy birdbath for the garden. I’ll soon have two, plus the fountain.

I placed all the soil and I’m ready to seed the land. It was tough on a body tired from a long, long working day the day before, but now there are several inches of topsoil covering horrid barren soil that I tilled to several inches of depth. I’ve created a great substrate for the new lawn. 

I kept at it and took as many breaks as I needed. Finally: One hell of a job, was done! Now I wait for rain to seed it. 

I used some remaining soil to top up the gardens beside the courtyard. They look awesome. And I saved some soil for today. I plan to use it to dress up the front of the Campion garden. It borders the boardwalk and looks hideous. So that’ll be today’s task. To make it prettier.

I’ve just heard that Dana and Jane are coming to visit whilst Dianne is here, so we’ll have a backyard barbeque. I’m very excited about actually using my backyard with real friends after all this work on beautifying it. We’re going classic, with burgers and salad. Woo hoo! That’s next Tuesday.

A noisy little flock of Finches came to drink and bath on my fountain mid-afternoon. There was eight of them. They were in, on and all around it, chirping constantly. Sparrows were in my crappy plastic birdbath that won’t stay on plane. It’s going; my new solid stone-like one comes in a couple of weeks.

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