Thursday, October 7, 2021

Beth Arrives Today

Yesterday I went to see the new-born piglets at Eoin’s and François’ place, and I saw the foundations underway for their greenhouse. The two men are my heroes. They are living a life I would love to lead, and they have talents I dearly wish I had. Whilst there, I bid two of the pigs adieu; they are going to be butchered soon. It was sad and hard for me, and E&F knew it. I am such an animal lover!

After seeing them, Sheba and I went for an afternoon walk and along came the most gorgeous horse, ridden by a lovely welcoming woman. She stopped so that I could pat and cuddle with her horse, a retired show horse that was absolutely gorgeous and very, very friendly. We spent about ten minutes talking as I patted and scratched the horse. It’s such a privilege to touch an animal, especially one as majestic as this one.

The evening, as is usual, was spent on the couch. I finished the The Brief Wonderous Life of Oscar Wao yesterday, so television took up my evening.

Today, Beth comes so I’ll do some shopping for dinner and do some domestic duties before going to Silva Bay to pick her up. She’s coming for five days, so I want to be relaxed about her visit and she knows that. However, one good thing is that I can be confident that I’ll not have any seizures.

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