Sunday, October 24, 2021

Bomb Cyclone: Not So Far

After our dinner at Stacey’s, I came home and watched some television. Not for long, but during my brief time watching, I saw five Christmas ads. In October. Really?

Saturday night was lovely and mellow. A storm is expected tonight and tomorrow. Our big dog walk is cancelled, and power failures are expected. I hate the wind. I’ve had branches through a roof, a dent put in my car and my ‘garage’ frame was damaged. Plus, plants get crushed or severed. And I hate using the generator. It makes a lot of noise—however, I can barely hear it inside the house.

I’m loved my Zoom this morning with my fellow stutterers from BC. We all love our group gatherings. Now, I rest up because this afternoon I’m Zooming with my theatre friends.

My symptoms ebb and flow. They were low all Summer, but the tide is high right now. I could barely speak to Sheba last night. I often ebb in Autumn; I don’t know why, but all things pass. If Were I a mystic, I’d blame the incoming storm!  This morning’s Zoom was hard, but I could get words out reasonably well. I hope this afternoon is better.

It’s now 12:40 and so far, no major wind or rain at all. The expected ‘bomb cyclone’ is not reaching us here on the island. Hooray for that. The storm was predicted to arrive this morning and last until late tomorrow, but …. 

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