Thursday, October 14, 2021

Come From Away!

I love having guests, but I also feel very good lapsing back into my regular routine as a single dad with three four-legged kids. Whereas Tuesday, after Beth left early in the morning, was a day of rest and recovery, yesterday I got lots of household chores done. And, I had time for more Louise Penny. I am loving my first book of hers, very, very much. I’ll definitely read more.

I was an enthusiastic reader as a child. I had the complete works of Charles Dickens in my bedroom, but it was the Hardy Boys series I remember best. I absolutely loved all the books and I read every one. They, however, were written by utilitarian writers under the pseudonym of Franklin W. Dixon. Louise Penny, like P. D. James, is a spectacular writer. When I discovered P. D. James, years ago, I wondered why so talented a writer chose to write detective novels. I’m wondering the same thing about Ms. Penny. But I’m very glad they did. They are great reads.

I went to buy more of her books, and in order, but no sites I use carried many of them—not even Amazon. So, I have turned to my local library and sent in a request for the first two. I’ve never been a library user, but I’m glad Ms. Penny has got me using our branch. It’ll save me lots of cash.

Today is dark and gloomy. It’s an excellent day for reading by the fire. Dwight was due, but he called early this morning to cancel because of the weather. He was going to ride his bike to the ferry and come sur roues. 

I neighbour very, very generously gave me a huge batch of Prawns—with heads! My plan was to make Prawn risotto with the best stock I’ve ever made (thanks to the heads), but instead I’ll eat the same old thing and save the Prawns for my next visitors.

I watched Come From Away last night on Apple TV and I loved it. I found it riveting the from its first beat. What a remarkable and moving achievement it is. I’m so, so glad I watched it.


I’m off to take Sheba to the groomer; she’ll be back later this morning, smelling like a country wildflower garden and sparkling clean. The rest of the day I’ll be reading and (carefully) eating. It’s just another wet day at Pinecone Park. 

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