Saturday, October 23, 2021

International Stuttering Awareness Day

So, International Stuttering Awareness Day went by very gently. I went dog walking with my little group. It was dry and warm but overcast. We all were in great spirits—dogs and humans.

I did naught all day. I just chilled and napped, really. I accomplished so much on Thursday that all I wanted to do yesterday was chill. But then came the evening and dinner at Stacy’s with Rod and Di, Kris and Steve, and what a great, great night it was! It’s been a wonderful experience, moving here where I knew no one and slowly making many new friends.

Today is wet and dark. It’s an excellent day to just chill at home with the pets, a good book, all in the heat of a roaring fire. Tomorrow I have two Zoom sessions, one with friends and the other with stuttering friends, and all that talking will exhaust me, so I have a good excuse to idle my day away.

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