Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Beth Departs

Monday was a gloriously beautiful day, and because the sun is so low in the sky at this time of year, sunlight flooded the kitchen. Fred and Ethel were in ecstasy.

Sheba and I walked with our friends whilst Beth did dance/exercises with her online class, and then we chilled for a while before lunch. After lunch we went for a walk in Drumbeg, and it was wonderful. We sat on a bench for a nice bit of relaxation in the sunshine and then it was back home for more chillin’. (I watched the semi-final of The Great British Baking Show that I love so much, and after that, another walk with Her Highness so that she’d be tired and would sleep whist Beth and I went to The Surf for dinner.

Our dinner could not have been nicer. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky, and we had a table right beside the huge glass windows overlooking the ocean. Not only that, The Surf, renowned for taking forever with service, was prompt. We got home just after seven, watched one program on TV and then went to bed early. I was mighty tired.

It was great that we had such wonderful weather for Beth and Shari’s visit. It’s excellent not to feel trapped inside by rain. But … one good thing about the rain is the stunning new lawn where once was the wasteland. It’s really lovely to see a lush green carpet in front of the new friendship gate to Merrill’s and Leo’s yard. It won’t last; I know that. But it reduces the growth of weeds and vines. As for the front lawn, devastated by the Summer drought, I’m now checking out White Clover for a ground cover.

Today will begin with taking Beth to the ferry. She goes to Bowen Island today, and for me, today will be a day of rest. I want to build up strength before Dwight arrives on Thursday. (I had two mini seizures last night. Sigh. But hey, they were mini.)

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