Monday, October 11, 2021

Shari Leaves

Shari, Sheba and I. Photo by Beth.

Sunday was lovely. I got up early and lit the fire so my guests would be warm when they got up. We lazed away the early morning, then Shari went off to get her musical instruments from the venue she’s performed in, and Beth and I went on the big dog walk. It was a beautiful sunny day; the walk was heavenly. 

I took Beth home after the walk and went into the village to do some shopping. When I got home, we made lunch (salad Ni├žoise); the afternoon was quiet and gentle. Late in the day, all three of us walked Sheba and then we came home for a lovely roasted Chicken dinner together, followed by Call the Midwife and Grantchester on PBS.

This morning, bright and early (6:30 am), I was up to help Shari load up all her gear and leave, aiming to catch an early ferry to Nanaimo and from there, home to Vancouver. Now, Beth is up and she’s unlikely to join Sheba and I on our group walk, but it’s a glorious looking day and so we’ll have no trouble enjoying it together before going to The Surf for dinner.

I’m chuffed! I weighed myself this morning because two weeks ago I decided to lose weight, and I’ve already lost seven pounds! I’m aiming to lose twenty-three more.

Beth, Shari and I have had a really lovely time together. We’re very compatible. Beth, like all my friends, have come to an understanding of my condition and is, like all of them, very considerate of my limitations. Also, I am one Hell of a lot better that her last visit, two years ago. Socializing is much, much easier for me now.

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