Sunday, October 17, 2021

From the Rain Shadow

On the news, they are calling our current weather “an atmospheric river.” Vancouver’s been inundated with rain; the statistics on rainfall on the coast are shocking. But here on Gabriola, we escaped the downpours. We had one heavy shower early, early Saturday morning, and a few lesser ones afterwards in the early morning, but otherwise it’s been cloudy but dry.

This morning is eerily beautiful. There’s fog amongst the trees giving the world an ethereal feel. We’ve the big dog walking group this morning. It’s going to be warm and damp. It’s so damp, I haven’t needed a fire during the days (but I light it at night to feel cozy).

When I was very young, I visited Split in Croatia where there are caves going deep into the earth, and I went into them with a guide and small group. Once deep into the earth, our guide turned off the lights so that we could experience the blackest black we’d ever seen. Well, it was as dark as in those caves here last night. The clouds were so thick, no star or moonlight got through. I have a night light on every night now, so that I can see my way to the bathroom.

I have three types of Woodpeckers that visit my feeder for the suet. They are hyper vigilant birds. They all spend a longtime searching the skies, presumably for predators (Hawks) before mere milliseconds of feeding. They are beautiful creatures. My feeders are a source of great, great joy for me every day.

Today is Sunday, my favourite day of the week when some internal parent says it’s okay to do nothing. I can laze the day away without guilt. I think, when I get back from the walk, I’lll light the fire just to add to the pleasure of my repose.

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