Monday, October 25, 2021

No Bomb Here

Sunday afternoon at about one o’clock, it got very, very dark and rain started pouring down. There was no wind though. The darkness was astounding, however, and so was the sound of the rain on the roof. By 2:25, it was back to normal daylight and light rain. I love the deep rainstorms when the power doesn’t go out and I have a fire on. It’s so, so cozy at Pinecone Park. By 3:00 there were some sunny periods.

And so far, my power has not gone off. Last night, however, my friends Jessica and Todd called from Victoria where they were experiencing the full force of the ‘bomb cyclone.’ The news reports reveal the tremendous impact of the storm: all the ferry sailings are cancelled, trees are down and power is out in many places up and down the coast.

Stacy just wrote (it’s 8:15 am) and she’s had no power since 8:30 last night. Her power is still off and won’t be on until noon. She lives at the south end, and as Victoria is at the south end of the big island, I’m guessing the winds are coming from the south. As I’m inland, I guess I’m being protected by the trees.

Obviously, today will be another indoor day. Tonight, Stacy and I have a reservation at The Surf for dinner, but we’ll see if that plan comes to fruition much later in the day. If they have no power, The Surf is on the coast, our plans may have to change. Right now, Stacy is on her way here to recharge her phone and we’ll walk our dogs while they charge. 

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