Thursday, October 21, 2021

I Read; I Bake

I love these arm choreographies. I’ve seen many on YouTube, but this one is the best I’ve seen.

It's part of the ceremonies of the Paralympic Games.

I went to the restaurant to meet Anette Tuesday night as planned, and when I got there, she was outside waiting for me because the restaurant was closed to in-house eating. Instead, we went last night, and it was wonderful to have delicious food that I didn’t cook. And Anette is great company; she is Regina’s sister. Regina is the kingpin of our three-times-a-week dog walking group whom I adore.

Yesterday I finished Abraham Verghese’s book and absolutely loved it. Today, I walked her Highness and then came home to make a carrot cake to take to Stacy’s tomorrow night where we will celebrate Rod’s birthday. Rod is a lovely man who’s rather infirm and the husband of Di, another member of our small dog-walking group. She’s also the sister of Lynn, who was a childhood friend.

I was worried I’d fail with the cake. A major wind storm was predicted, and it is windy today, but it is a mild wind we’re getting. I was sure the power would fail today, so I rushed to do the baking before it got worse. But I think the worst of the storm moved south. We’ve not even had any rain.

Our walk was positively divine! It is 15° today and the forest is mighty fragrant. This mild weather of late is a godsend. I love walking when Autumn is this mild and gentle.

Work is proceeding apace with Merrill’s and Leo’s home. They appear to be on course to complete the house at the end of January, and that thrills me. I miss and love them. Leo, however, is coming here on Monday or Tuesday for a visit, and to check up on the progress on the house.

It's a topiary cat!

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