Monday, December 13, 2021

More Sunshine; More of the Same

There was some snow (that quickly melted) yesterday morning and sunshine during the day. I, of course, was fireside on my chaise with my book. It was Sunday, my favourite day of the week: The day I can laze without guilt. And I ate. I ate a lot after months of minimalist eating. 

Dianne, a lovely neighbour, came by. She’s bought herself a Shetland pony and is looking for someone to house it until she builds a barn. I can hardly wait to visit her pony and goats!

It was exhausting and very coarse, but I did have a semi-conversation with Dwight yesterday. It felt very, very good to see him and to say even my few words to him.

And so, another week begins. I hope to receive things I bought weeks ago: Books, a sweater, two more hoodies and a gift from my friend Leslie. I’ve been waiting for them all forever.

I’m off to walk our dogs with my friends this morning, then I’m doing some shopping in the village before settling onto the couch for yet another day like every other day of the past few months.

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