Monday, December 27, 2021

Deep Snow!

My friends who attended the party for which I made the cake sent me the photo above. I thought it was very sweet of them to go to so much trouble in order to send me this wonderful shot!

Icicles shot through my porch screen.

My poor plants! So many of them are crushed under the weight of the snow. Yesterday, I went out often with a broom to keep them from breaking. And I kept my bird feeders nice and full for my gazillions of feathered friends who come to visit every day.

It’s really beautiful outside, but the snow is really deep—deep for the climatic region, anyway. The accumulation is about sixteen inches deep now, and more snow is on the way. I could not open the car doors this morning, so getting to Nanaimo for my shot tomorrow is going to be a challenge.

Her Highness and I passed on our morning walk yesterday, but we did walk around the block. There’s just too much snow to drive to one of our trails. It was a day for chillin’ indoors together yesterday, and it will be today, too! I love sitting on my chaise, covered in a blanket, armed with a drink, and reading beside my huge living room window. I wave to passers by, and I can monitor my big Rhodo to know when it’s time for another sweeping.

All this snow and power failures makes for a lot of work! But at least Christmas is over. And soon, NYE will also be over for yet another year. Onwards to 2022!

Today I’m back on my diet. I offloaded the rest of my gifts of Christmas baking. And tomorrow, I go to Nanaimo for my booster shot; Wednesday, I Zoom with Dr. Shoja, and next week, its Zooming with my BC stuttering group and my UK FND group. Life is returning to normal. 

I saw Kevin yesterday and, in anticipation of his coming over, I’d written out a few things that I wanted to tell him. And while he was here, I could whisper short phrases and sentences. I feel I can handle socializing here with one or two people. The only thing I don’t want to do, is to go to a party where there are a lot of people and too much noise.

I want to see how things go in Nanaimo when I get my shot, and with Dr. Shoja and my support groups before I decide what to do. My only concern is that down the line, I have even more loss and become mute. My fear of getting worse is what’s driving my interest in ASL. I’ve found a site I like for learning. 

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