Thursday, December 23, 2021

Baking Day

We walked in torrential rain yesterday morning, but it was a balmy 8° so I was very, very happy.  After our walk, I went to the post office to fetch a parcel awaiting me. Pooey! It was a present that I bought for Dwight and Laura, but Purdy’s sent to me in error. So, I came home and readdressed it to Dwight and Laura and returned to the post office, but they wouldn’t accept it. I had an incomplete address. So, I had to come home, determine the missing number, and then go back to the post office! Pooey!

However, the rain had passed, at least for a while. Once home, I did a lot of cleaning, tidying and little chores and then I settled onto the couch, bagged from all the exertion of the morning. I loved giving in to my fatigue and watching some television during the afternoon—that’s something I rarely do. I prefer to read and to watch at night.

Based on my experience with my FDWs (fellow dog walkers), I’d say my speech is no better after all. Rather, I am learning how to maximize what voice I have left.

Late in the afternoon, the torrential rains returned. Sheba and I cancelled out afternoon walk together and instead, we stayed warm, dry and cozy by the fire. Although it was a day just like every other of the past many weeks, I loved it. I like solitude and the freedom it gives me to do whatever I want all day and evening.

Today’s task is to bake and decorate a cake for tomorrow night’s gathering at Di’s. She’s phoned everyone and determined that everyone is fully vaccinated—many have all three shots—so I’m less nervous about attending the party, at least for a while. And the gathering is small.

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