Tuesday, December 21, 2021


Sheba has a bad foot again, but this time it’s not something visible. (Last time, I could see the swelling and infection on her pads.) I suspect it’s a sprain or something, so we are taking short walks at her request. She just stops on the trail when she wants to go back to the car.

Yesterday was a good day: I sensed improvement in my speech when I was talking on the phone with Dwight and with my fellow dog walkers in the morning. It’s still much worse than before Dec. 2nd, but I’m finding it easier to get sound and I can speak, one syllable at a time, a little quicker.

It’s -2° and the sky is overcast. It could snow. I’ll spend the day with Louise Penny.

Di has uninvited some guests from her party on Friday night, so I’ve decided to go—at least for a while. Those left attending are people I know and all of them are prudent about Covid exposure. I’m glad to feel safe about attending, just for a bit, because I her party is the only Christmassy thing that I’m doing this year.

My business cards that explain my speech problem arrived yesterday. I’ve put several in my wallet. I’m extremely glad to have them for times and places where I’m meeting someone for the first time—such as when I go for my Covid booster shot next Tuesday.

It’s as cold as it ever gets here today. I quite love slipping into the hot tub on these cold days and getting toasty warm. If… it’s not precipitating at all. As a bald person, I’m not keen on cold, cold rain or snow on my head. But if nothing is falling, it’s a lovely way to be outdoors in Winter.

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