Wednesday, December 1, 2021

No! The River Never Arrived.

Tuesday began at a pace. I wanted to get all my morning chores done before getting out for a walk before the river arrived. We got our walk done—and it was a good one—under dry skies. Then I came home to plan the dinner I’m hosting on Saturday and decided to make Carrot Cake muffins for our dessert and to share some with my dog walkers on our Friday morning. This is all to celebrate my birthday.

Neither of my arty hoodies has arrived yet, but I am so excited about new clothes, I bought the sweater above yesterday. I got the hoodies for myself for my birthday; I got this sweater for myself for Christmas. I reckon $119 is a bargain for an authentic Iceland wool knitted sweater. I got it at the Nordic Store in Reykjavik. Check it out here.

I am sick of the term ‘atmospheric river’ and the news. They kept talking about the impending storm as the lead item on the CBC national news all day, but we had no rain all day and this morning’s dawned dry and even slightly bright. I watched the news last night and the Fraser Valley was hit by the storm, but we escaped it completely.

I’m walking with my doggie group.

In a week, I celebrate one year since I quit smoking dope.

Today is a reading day, but tomorrow I start prepping for my dinner party. 

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