Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Will the River Come?

Monday morning was eerie as I got ready to go for our walk with our friends on the penultimate day of November. There was fog and an unusual yellow light. It was, as I say, eerie, but it was also beautiful, the tree trunks slowly fading into obscurity in the ochre light. And it was warm, a calm day before the next expected atmospheric river. The walk was lovely thanks to the absence of rain and the rich fragrances of the forest.

On the way back, I noticed a neighbour had a large Christmas tree up in their living room, all decorated and lit. In November. What do you give people who start celebrating Christmas so early? A bathing suit? Suntan oil?

I’m chuffed that I’ve lost twenty pounds since I decided to eat less and better. My diet now, is almost all about seafood and vegetables and no dessert. What a difference it makes. 

Later today, another atmospheric river is supposed to begin. I’m praying that Winter is not going to be as nasty as is this season. Geez. Our weather has been a lead item on the news for ten days now. It’s going to be months—many months—before the transportation infrastructure is back to normal. 

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