Saturday, November 20, 2021

Dark. Wet

Friday was a sunny day. What a miracle it feels like to see blue sky and bright warm light. Today is likely to be another nice one, too. Still, all I really do all day is read.

Friday slid by gently. I finished The Dutch House and am now reading The Gathering. I liked The Dutch House; it’s nothing spectacular, it’s just a nice simple tale well told. The Gathering is obscenely stylish; that’s why it’s won such accolades and the Booker—a bit too stylish for me, but I’m enjoying it.

I’m waiting for ten more Louise Penny novels to arrive.

When Covid hit, we had empty shelves—lots of them and for quite a while. And now it’s happening again. Crystal, who lives in Victoria, had to first find a gas station with gas, and then, when she did, she waited two hours to fill up her car. We have no bread and few dairy products. Worse, I suspect these shortages will last longer than last time. This is all due to no railways or highways open to Vancouver from the east because of the floods and landslides from the storm that’s now being called ‘the storm of the century’ in media outlets here.

As of today, we’re only allowed thirty litres of gas per visit to the pumps.

Today began with a power failure. It started at 9:30 am and came back on at 2:00. I went into town when it started to get my prescription, but the pharmacy was not open, so Her Highness and I went for a walk—a walk that saw me slide into a huge puddle and get soaking wet up to my shins. I kept walking, but man-oh-man it felt good to get home after the walk and to put on dry warm socks.

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