Monday, November 15, 2021

Monday Morning Flooding Everywhere


Above is the 'river' crossing my driveway.

This is a lake of water on the right hand side of Leo's and
Merrill's driveway. The water goes deep into the forest.

This is on the left hand side of Leo's and
Merrill's driveway. 

This is the front yard of the woman who lives across the
street from me.

This is the river flowing across the driveway of Barbara's and
Kelly's, my neighbour's to the north.

This is in my backyard.

This is water surrounding my cistern, and it
is deep!

This is one of my woodshed's where one stack
has partially fallen and the entire shed is flooded.

Same area from the other side.

This is more of my backyard and looking into
Barbara's and Kelly's yard. It's a huge lake.

Barbara's and Kelly's yard.

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