Friday, November 12, 2021

Feeling Hopeless

Hopefully, today my phone will be fixed. It’s not that I use it very much, in fact it rarely rings, but without it working, my personal alarm that I wear around my neck in case of an emergency will not work. And tonight, the stuttering conference begins. 

I took Sheba out early this morning; I wanted to be back home by 8:00 as per the request of B. C. Tel. They will be here between 8:00 and 5:00. Because it’s not raining and warm, the walk was really, really lovely. The fragrances in the forest thrilled my nose and soul.

Other than hosting the Telus repairperson and the conference, I will read. I’m now on my fifth Louise Penny novel.

Until roughly the mid nineteenth century, most people didn’t know much about anything outside their immediate environment. Even the literate lived in a comparatively small world; the press was primarily concerned with local news. Now, however, we’re exposed to global news, and that news is full of stories of corruption, environmental degradation, war and crime. I reckon that we’re overexposed to horrifically bad news.

I believe that this change is one reason that I, and many, many other people are dealing with anxiety disorders. I’ve lost all hope for our planet because I have zero respect for parliamentarians, regardless of their nationality. I do not believe parliamentarians will ever take the dramatic action that our future requires. They kowtow to the tenants of capitalism. I’m sure that my despair about humankind and our collective ability to save our planet is part of the root cause of my neurological illness.

The UN COP26 Climate Summit in Glasgow is a joke.

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