Thursday, November 25, 2021

When Harry Met Santa

I love this short film. It’s an ad; as you watch, can you guess what it’s advertising? The advertiser’s pitch is what makes this film. Watch it to its ending.

Wednesday began with a dog walk with my friends, and then I went into the village to get the first batch of the ten Louise Penny books I ordered. Woo hoo! Then I came home to prepare food while the power is on; later today, the first of several storm fronts, including one atmospheric river, is due to arrive, and strong winds are predicted as well as a huge amount of rain. It’s the apocalypse baby!

Shelly and Kevin are coming for dinner on Saturday. They are the first guests I’ve had in a while. We’ll play games and have a great time, I know. 

I wrote to my cousin, Ann. She cut me off just under three decades ago after being a cousin I truly loved. It caused me years of agony to be dumped by her. Just recently, however, I got her contact information from her eldest son, whom she had also cut off. I’ve begged her, in my letter, to allow me to contact her on our shared birthday and included a return addressed card for her to use to reply to me. Now I wait and hope.

There is no gas for sale on the island. We’ll have more as of tomorrow, but it is not expected to last very long. Trying times continue, but our situation is nothing compared to many other communities.

I watched My Life as a Turkey last night on PBS, and oh my God, it was good! The cinematography is extraordinary; every shot is beautifully framed; it uses light like an Impressionist painter. And the story is profound. I was very, very moved. 

Also, last night I had long video chats with friends with whom I had not talked in a long time: Allan and Larry on Pender Island, and Nicola in Vancouver. Both were quite emotional chats. So many friends have died, we have community as survivors; we talk about the past, we are very affectionate. And we all talked Tick Tick Boom.

Today is supposed to be a big storm day, but it’s just normal rain that’s falling. I love reading all day on my chaise by the window and its handy sill for drinks, books and glasses, and every single rock of the chimney facing is radiating heat.

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