Monday, November 22, 2021

The Millstone River!

I wrote last Tuesday when I went shopping for supplies in Nanaimo, but I forgot to post it!

I am a chosen one!

I headed off to catch the 10:19 ferry at 8:40. Because the ferries are operating on a reduced schedule, I wanted to be nice and early and ensure that I got on. But …. I arrived at the terminal at about 8:50, parked, turned off my engine, and opened the door to put on my coat in advance of going on a walkabout with Sheba, when I noticed the cars ahead of me turning on their engines.

I hopped back into the car, started it, and drove on to the 8:50 ferry that was slightly late. And when I arrived in Nanaimo, I drove all the way to the park where Her Highness and I walk, without hitting any red lights. I had a green light at very single intersection I went through. And wait, there’s more.

I did my shopping. It was quickly and easily. I loaded my supplies into the car and headed casually back to Nanaimo. I was not in a hurry. And when I got to the ferry terminal, again hitting mostly green lights, I bought my ticket and drove directly onto the ferry. I was home by 11:45. This is unheard of, going into town, going for a leisurely dog walk, doing all my shopping and getting home in three hours! And all on a glorious bright and sunny day.

Late in the afternoon, I joined a Zoom support group for stutterers who are LGBTQ+. It was fabulous as are all my stuttering support groups—I'm in two that meet monthly and one (the LGBTQ+ one) that meets quarterly.

Below are some photos of the Millstone River that goes through Bowen Park where Sheba and I walk every time we go to Nanaimo. In Summer, this is a gentle little gentle stream that often has ducks on it. The waterfall, in Summer, looks like a small ditch may empty above it. In Summer, it is nothing. But after the wettest storm on record in this area, the film below shows you how it looked yesterday.

Today begins with a dog walk with my friends, then it’ll be reading and lounging around the house with Fred, Ethel and Her Highness. 

This is a lazy little stream in Summer.

This is the path I normally use, but I had to re-route to stay dry.

This path was clearly underwater yesterday.

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