Sunday, November 7, 2021

Funnel Cloud and Floor Food

The Pavolova before it hit the floor of my car.

Yesterday's funnel cloud over Georgia Strait.

Saturday was extremely wet. The rain pounded down on my roof as I read contentedly by the fire with Sheba’s head on my lap, the cats on the chaise monitoring our every move.

Displeased with my first meringue base for the Pavlova I took to Di’s for our potluck, I made another one in the morning. It turned out much better, but my oven bakes hot. Next time, I’ll be baking for less time or at a lower temperature when I make it. When I added the whipping cream and filled it with Blackberries, Raspberries, Blueberries and sections of tiny Mandarins topped with tiny bits of mint and edible gold flakes. It looked lovely and delicious. 

Just before leaving for the dinner, Di, our host, wrote to invite me to bring Sheba. I was very happy to get the invitation. I am far calmer in public with her, and far more content to stay longer when we are both out together.

As I drove down the hill on Pederson Road to South Road where Di lives, I gently applied the car breaks and heard a big boom in the back of my car. Yes! The dessert has slid onto the floor. I fumed. All that work down the drain. Only the base of the meringue stuck to the plate. Di decided to break up the base and we had enough for small bowls of meringue with cream and just a few bits of fruit for everyone.

The party was wonderful—really wonderful! We organized it because we miss Gisela and Doug. They stopped walking with us a year and a half ago because Gisela’s knee is causing her pain and making walking on uneven ground unsafe. Her dementia is getting worse, so we wanted to have a party whilst she still remembers who we are. We all love them both to bits.

Today, of course, is wet, wet, wet! I have a Zoom session for orientation for next weekend’s conference and my workshop. And then I plan to do nothing but get cozy by the fire and read. And tonight, it’s Call the Midwife and Grantchester. 

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