Thursday, November 4, 2021

Jay Plans a Move

Oh my God, I love the curry sauce recipe I created. I made a second batch yesterday and am all ready for Dwight’s visit should he choose to come over this weekend. I also finished my second Louise Penny novel. It was a great day that ended with an early dinner at Jay’s house.

At dinner, Jay dropped a bomb: He’s planning on selling his massive place. He has 19 acres and a huge house—like seven bedrooms. He wants to buy a lot on the water and build himself a small home. I’m glad he plans to stay on the island.

Today I Zoom with my adult-onset stuttering group in the UK. It’s at 6:30 pm for them; 11:30 am for me. I get to tell them about my upcoming workshop during the Canadian Stuttering Association annual conference.

Also, I’ll bake a meringue shell for the Pavlova I’m taking to our dog walking group’s potluck supper on Saturday night. If Dwight comes to visit, he’s coming to the party with me. And I’ll start my third Louise Penny mystery.

Friday’s weather forecast is for showers, whereas every other day this week and next is for rain. The prospect of some relief on Friday may mean Dwight makes it over here.

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