Sunday, November 28, 2021

A Walk Without Rain!

Friday night, the power went out, so I went to bed. Once in bed, I was going to sleep when the power came on and my smoke alarm sounded. I had a terrific and most unpleasant response.

This FND really affects my arms. I had a violent startle response to the sudden noise of the alarm. Then the power went off again, and then on again, and I had another very violent response. I cannot turn off the alarm, so instead, I wrapped my bedding tight around my arms to prevent them from over-reacting to sudden noise, and that brought me relief. Saturday morning, one shoulder was really, really painful from all the jerking of the night before.

Saturday morning, it was the Internet that went down. Plus, I discovered that I have lost the key to my postal box. Thankfully the post office was open Saturday morning, and I arranged for a new lock and keys. Mid-day, the river arrived. Rain like before Noah’s flood came down. I did not want to go for an afternoon walk, but we did—practically in the dark. And we were wading. Poor Sheba came home mighty wet to a night together by the fire. What a shit afternoon it was!

And this morning, the river was still flowing. It was still dark and raining—not the torrential rain of the recent record-breaking storm, but constant heavy rain. I skipped the big community dog walk this morning; they were walking in a seriously swampy area and I didn’t want to come home having to hose Sheba down to get the filth off of her. Instead, we went to a drier trail on this, my favourite day of the week.

It was glorious walking because for the duration of our walk, the rain stopped and the sky lightened and it was toasty warm. It was 12° and I had to take my hoodie off and wear it around my waist and when I put my coat back on, I left it open.

I’m looking forward to tonight and Call the Midwife, Grantchester, The Great Canadian Baking Showand A Suitable Boy (featuring the absolutely delicious Danesh Razvi).

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