Tuesday, November 9, 2021


Monday was wonderful. I love every day during which I have no obligations. I must remember as next Summer is coming to an end and I am dreading the coming of Winter, that the great things about Fall, Winter and early Spring is that I don’t have to do any yard work. I can just read my days away. When I finish with Louise Penny, I’ll be moving onto Martin Walker’s series about Chief of Police Bruno who works in the Dordogne. Yum.

Very early this morning, I was awakened by noise, and I heard what I knew was a huge branch falling nearby. I went back to sleep but got up early, worried about what damage may have been done. At first light, I was out the door, and there it was: A huge branch that crushed the fence protecting my edible garden. I’ll have things to do outdoors today. It’s bright and sunny so I will be able to clear the fall and check the rest of the yard.

Today will be a lovely change; the sunshine will lure me outdoors. But I’ll also do some cooking, reading and more work on my presentation for the Canadian Stuttering Association. Tonight, I go to dinner at Eoin’s and Fran├žois’ place. Jay will be there too. 

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