Thursday, November 18, 2021


Yesterday was a day of defeat. I could not muster any energy; I just wanted to get through the day and into bed for the night. I had that “the world is too much with us” feeling.

But I did do one wonderful thing: I went to Wishbone to get some fish—it’s always frozen, but delicious—and they had some unfrozen, fresh, salmon bits. It was ‘Artic Salmon’ that looked so tender and delicious, I bought both packets. I also got three lovely pieces of (frozen) sushi-grade Tuna. I also went to Nester’s and got some Wasabi powder and some pickled Ginger, and I had the most wonderful sashimi dinner last night. I’ve missed sushi since moving here, but no more.

I feel normal today but slow. It’s raining—just regular normal rain, no atmospheric river. I’ve got a lovely fire going and I’m going to spend the day reading. If, and when, the rain stops for a bit, I’ll take Her Highness for a walk, but neither of us likes rain walks.

We’re only two-thirds of the way through Autumn. Sigh. Winter’s right around the corner. Everyone here is worried, after three atmospheric rivers this season, that one will come in Winter and that we’ll get a massive dumping of snow. Sigh.

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