Monday, November 15, 2021


There’s a river of water streaming down my street.

Yesterday we had another ‘atmospheric river’ event, and that ‘river’ is still flowing this morning. It’s coming down in torrents. Dwight called from Vancouver to talk about the torrential rain they were having and, although it sounded worse that what we’re getting, we’re getting a lot of rain. The forest trails have become lakes and rivers. 

Conference workshops helped the day go by yesterday. Two were tremendously stimulating, but one workshop was brutal. It was participatory and we were paired up for an exercise and I could not get a single word out. I could only make whimpering sounds; It was truly awful, and my partner was the extremely handsome gay Irish guy. 

I forget about my ‘Rand” voice, but well into the workshop I remembered it and was able to gently participate towards the end of the session and I spoke with my accent. My last workshop ended at 2:00 in the afternoon. I went directly to the couch.

The night ended beautifully watching the Adele special on TV. 

This morning’s dog walked was cancelled because it is raining too hard, and the trails are far too wet. So, Sheba and I will wait for a break from the downpour and walk together if and when that happens. This afternoon may be calm; they’re predicting clearing late in the day so our best walk will be this afternoon.

I have been social and busy for the past two months. I’ve had lots of guests, the conference and a surprising amount of invitations for dinner with friends, but as of today, a long, long period of no dates, no guests and very little Zooming begins. I have nothing on my plate until Dec. 4th when I will host a dinner here at Pinecone Park. Reading and drawing are now my full-time pastime.

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