Tuesday, November 2, 2021

I ❤️ Curry

The photo above is of Steve’s friends, some of whom are from Vancouver. They all met to spend Halloween in Palm Springs and Steve joined them at a street party. He took this picture of them to send to me. They are demented cheerleaders.

I’m on recipe number two as I try various fish curry recipes that I find online. I want to find the one that best suits my taste. After a lifetime of not much interest in fish, I am now a passionate eater of fish with Asian/South Asian flavours. And recipe number two is a total winner! 

I read a lot of recipes and number two was my own ‘invention.’ I combined basic ingredients I found in many of the recipes I considered, and then added my own ingredients and made some substitutions for exotic things I cannot get here on Gabriola. And I love the result. It’s a dish I’ll be making often.

That was my big activity of yesterday—that and reading. In the evening it was telly time. And that was my day.

Today will be spent enjoying my seafood curry, reading more of my second Louise Penny book and spending the evening watching more of seasons two and three of The Detectorists. It’s a wonderfully quirky series featuring the fabulous Toby Jones. It’s a hoot!

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