Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Booster Shot Done!

Just before 8:00 yesterday morning, Kevin arrived at my door. He has a four-wheel drive car and he offered to drive me to my booster shot! Think about that! He was offering to go through the waiting for the ferry, there and back, and waiting for me while I got the thot. What a great neighbour, eh? I declined his offer. I felt confident about being able to get through the day on my own, but I was really touched by his kindness.

Getting through Nanaimo was a challenge. The roads were sheet ice. At one stop light the car ahead of me started coming backwards towards me as it tried to go up a slight incline. On the highway, people were driving at 40 clicks or less.

It was rather chaotic at the immunization clinic. My appointment was for 11:45. There were a couple of hundred people waiting. They called people in by our appointment times. As soon as I joined the line, men were griping about the delay and about how we were being managed. Their language and all they said was revolting. They were all-knowing assholes; one had a mask with burning skulls on it. It took about half an hour to get into the clinic, but once in, everything went quickly and smoothly.

Driving home, dark, dark ominous clouds had rolled in, but there was clear sky over the ocean, and I could see the distant mountains, all white with snow, from sea level to their tops. It was a magnificent sight. They were positively shimmering in the sunlight. And then, disembarking from the ferry, our trees, with their branches bending under the weight of the snow, were stunning. Snow is gorgeous on a sunny day.

I came home to a cold house and our third power failure in a week! I re-lit the fire and got a roarer going and then I lay down on the couch, exhausted from the busy morning. And I took pride in having successfully got all four doors of my van working. But I could not get my mail; the lock is frozen I reckon.

Finally, it’s the 29th, and I get to chat with Dr. Shoja. I’m going to ask her if I can see her once a month for a while, as I make decisions about life with more severe symptoms. And tonight, I was to dine with Stacy and her dog, Otis, at her house, but I cancelled because I wanted to be on my own all day after seeing Dr. S. I’m looking forward to seeing Stacy tomorrow night instead. 

And it’s a beauty of a day! The sky is clear. But man-oh-man it is cold! And tomorrow it’s supposed to snow again. My poor plants, the poor Deer here, and the birdies! I feed my bird family twice a day. 

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