Saturday, December 4, 2021

A Day to be Cozy

I value these tributes to Stephen Sondheim, even though they make me cry. This is another one in NYC; this one in a beautiful setting in Central Park.

These are two photos recently posted by our new age Mae West. This woman, desperate for attention, is 63 years old. This is what $200,000 worth of plastic surgery can do for you. Spare me.

This is my beloved group of thrice-weekly dog walkers.

I gifted each of my fellow dog walkers with two muffins, nicely wrapped in cellophane and in a fancy candy bag when we walked yesterday morning. Regina has also brought goodies: Brownies for us. And they gave me a birthday card that Di had made which is an all-time favourite card acknowledging my passion for doggies!

Then I went shopping for the supplies I needed to make the dinner I’m serving tonight. Once home, it was time to prepare the sauces and many of the ingredients. Then it was back to my book and reading.

It was cold yesterday—not surprising given that Thursday night was clear. Tonight, there’s a possibility of some light snow showers. Spare me!

I wrote to my estranged cousin Ann early last week, and I included a stamped and return addressed envelope and card to make it easy for her to reply. I was hoping to hear back from her this week, but nothing arrived. I’m not giving up hope, but I’m afraid whatever made her dump me cannot be repaired.

I’m about to walk Her Highness, then I’ll come home to do a little reading, lots of tidying and cleaning and some food preparation in advance of my little dinner party. It’s cold and wet. It’s an ideal day for being cozy in doors.

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