Wednesday, December 15, 2021


Tuesday was cold and bright. When the days are so short, sunshine brings welcome relief from the gloom.

I weighed myself yesterday morning; I continue to lose weight. I’ve been extremely successful in my resolve to avoid sugar and meals focused on carbohydrates. I’m losing the weight slowly; I don’t think I’ve never eaten so healthily in my life.

Dwight called. Speaking with him was absolute torture, but I am learning how to increase my capacity with words by controlling my breathing.

Gas rationing ended yesterday as highways linking Vancouver to the east are slowly becoming operational.

Today is windy and wet. It’s a day when I keep a candle lit and my flashlights prominent in my prime rooms. There’s sure to be a power failure today, but better in daytime then in the early evening. 

This morning’s dog walk will be a wet one, and today will be like every other day of the past month: Quiet, warm and cozy at home.

Gingerbread House

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