Sunday, December 5, 2021

Birthday: Fabulous

Saturday was wonderful. I can no longer remember why, for decades, I hated my birthday. Being not a fan of Christmas and loathing the booze and kissing festival that can be New Year’s, I could’ve done without the entire month of December—especially when you add the onset of Winter, the shortness of daylight, and so much dreadful Christmas music. I heard from so, so many friends. It was truly wonderful. Until it wasn’t.

By mid-afternoon, I’d had too many calls. My speech was shite by mid-afternoon and by evening, my arms were killing me. My arms are becoming a challenging problem. The pain is almost unbearable.

I was, however, able to do all the cooking and cleaning I wanted to do in advance of the arrival of Eoin, Fran├žois and Jay and our dinner together. The four of us have become a wonderful playtime unit. We’ve been getting together somewhat regularly for four years now, and last night was wonderful. I chose not to answer the evening calls. Speaking was impossible because all the calls, were on my land line and when I can’t see my friend, speech is too difficult.

But what a great, great day it was.

Today is clear, bright and cold. I’m going on the big community dog walk and then coming home to chill and recover. Yesterday took a lot out of me; today will be a day for a big fire and lots of couch time. 

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