Monday, December 6, 2021

Big Seizure

Sundays! I love them. And yesterday was a terrific one! It was bright and sunny most of the day, but cold. A perfect Sunday for lounging by the fire with pets. Sadly, there’s naught of interest on PBS or the Knowledge Network tonight, but The Great Canadian Baking Show and A Suitable Boy are on the CBC.

I made twenty-two Carrot cake muffins and ate only one a day for three days; the rest were successfully distributed to fellow dog walkers on Friday and yesterday morning forest walks.

I came home to rest. All the talking, the hosting preparation and then a meal and evening with friends, drained me. I loved the morning walk, but I could hardly wait to get home and lie down. I dithered through a couple of hours, and then went to bed for a nap. In the afternoon, I read and watched a movie. We did no second walk.

IN the evening, I had the longest seizure I can recall ever having. I was worried it wouldn’t end after what, I’m sure, was twenty minutes. (My seizures are usually less than a minute long now.) And for the rest of the night, I felt way off. I was glad to go to bed; I went looking forward to feeling myself this morning.

And I do. But I won’t know where I’m at until I meet my friends for our walk this morning. Only then will I have an idea of my current mental health status; I’ll know when I hear how my speech is. But I do sense some improvement from last night.

Yesterday, my accident, I deleted this entire blog. For a while, it was MIA. Thankfully, I had the presence of mind to Google, “can I retrieve a deleted Blogger blog,” and found that I could.

I have no medical or social appointments until Dec. 24th. We’ve even cancelled the big Sunday dog walks, but my little group of walkers will keep going. They will be my only socializing for three weeks.

We had snow last night. There’s about an inch on the ground but it is melting quickly. Still, this is an early start to a cold season for us. I lit a nice big fire this morning to get all of us warm.  

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