Thursday, December 9, 2021

Date With Dr. Shoja

This is Fred in his favourite chair, in his favourite position.

Wednesday was gloriously sunny. It was a day to get things done. I took recyclables to GIRO and went to the post office to pick up a parcel, to the pharmacy for two prescriptions, to Wishbone for sushi-grade Tuna and Salmon, to Nester’s to pick up bones for Sheba and to the clinic to ask for a referral to Dr. Shoja. It felt very good to get so many errands done. Then it was home to read and to enjoy a mid-afternoon spa. 

Hurrah! I’m booked to receive my third Covid shot. I must go to Nanaimo, but I’m happy to do it. I get it Dec. 28th. And on the 29th, I have my appointment with Dr. Shoja.

Although my life was very dramatically changed by the onset of FND, the compensation has been meeting Dr. Shoja. Her response to my request to see her was so incredibly wonderful, I soared through the afternoon yesterday. 

“We will make sense of what has happened together,” she wrote. Such sweet, sweet, welcome words. I see her on Dec. 29th or earlier if she gets a cancellation.

Today is cool but light. There are high clouds, but they are not rain clouds. Still, the cool damp air goes right into my bones when I go outside. I’m very content to read by the fire.

I went to the village without a pen and paper, figuring I’d use my Rand voice (that’s what I call my Aussie accent voice), but I cannot use my accent. It is gone too. I am severely locked up and only writing allows me to communicate. However, I can use key words—that’s what I call them—to express simple thoughts. Sometimes one or two key words can transmit meaning. 

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