Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Broken Glass

Well…I’m terribly impressed with myself because I hauled my butt outside and split wood for an hour yesterday afternoon. It was cool and overcast, but there was no rain again all day, and it wasn’t bad, doing the work, at all. But it hurts my back bending over to place the wood on the splitter and holding it there as it is split.

I can. However, sustain doing it for an hour and in my hour yesterday, I split enough wood to take me to David’s visit, and when he’s here, I hope to get his help in splitting more wood. It’s an entirely different thing, going outside my comfort zone when I have company to help me. But I’m really chuffed I got as much done as I did.

Also, I got the bed out of the car, tidied the car, and installed the extra seats I need for when Paula and David are here. That, too, is work outside my comfort zone. Yesterday was a productive day, and once I was done, I took Her Highness walking before grabbing my book and hitting the chaise for a recovery read.

In the evening, I was pooped. I went to bed and 9:00 and slept soundly until 5:00 this morning, when I got up to face a busy day in Nanaimo meeting my friend Bev for lunch, dealing with the glass door of the fireplace insert, and getting supplies for David and Paula’s visit in the big box stores.

That meant removing the glass from the door and it wouldn’t budge. I sprayed WD40 all around the edges and tried again and I broke the glass. However, it didn’t shatter, so I was able to use the broken pieces to make a new smaller template. Sigh. The glass I broke was less than two weeks old and it cost five hundred bucks! Damn.

But I reckon this new template will sustain the expansion and contraction of the frame of the metal door. I’m hoping for a case of second time lucky.  

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