Saturday, November 25, 2023

Tidying Pinecone Park

A bit of whimsy for you.

The wonderful thing about yesterday was using my computer and not needing glasses. I have no need for them. I still like to wear them when I am reading, but in good light I don’t even need them to read. And everything is so bright and colourful now!!

I had another productive day yesterday. To begin with, I washed all my vases and many of the windows. Plus, I thoroughly cleaned the driveway, the courtyard and part of the backyard as well. I enjoyed both doing the work and the results. The yard looks so wonderful and clean again. 

Her Highness and I went for ball play in Rollo Park in the afternoon. And when we got back, I had a lovely long leisurely spa. I love getting into the tub on these clear cool days. It is so wonderful to be outside and toasty warm. And later I went into the village to join Jay, Eoin and Fran├žois for dinner.

Stacy arrived at 7:30 this morning to walk out dogs together. It was barely light out as we got started and soon, I was feeling great, dressed warmly, and loving the crisp fresh air. Today will be about relaxing and more modest yard work. It’s very satisfying to clean up a bit around the yard. It looks so very much better when all the leaves are raked, and all the forest fall is removed. 

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