Sunday, November 12, 2023

Floor Painting

Our morning walk yesterday was wonderful. It was warm, bright and fragrant in the forest and when we got home, Kris and Steve came by to deliver some aged Gouda. They brought me two kinds. One was from Oyama on Granville Island, a favourite place where I get saucisson sec, and the other is from Les Amis du Fromage. They are different in taste, both are delicious, and I have some jalapeno jelly with which to savor it tonight.

I proposed that we have dinner together at a favourite local restaurant, and they were up for it. They liked the idea, and I was glad to have a plan to get out of the house. 

After Kris and Steve left, I went into the village to get some paint and painting supplies so that I could paint my bathroom floor. It was in bad shape and really needs to have the lino removed and some replacement lino or tiles laid down. But for the short term, I decided to clean and re-paint it.

It’s a small room. It’s an en suite bathroom, so it didn’t take too long to wash, de-grease, and then to mask with painter’s tape all around the fixtures and walls. It felt very good to be tackling a job that was long overdue. I have a PhD when it comes to procrastinating sometimes. By 1:30 I had primed the floor and while it dried, I did some reading. Then, late in the afternoon, Sheba and I went to Rollo Park to place chase the ball.

When we got back to the house, I had to clean up and change for dinner. Kris had reserved for 5:00 pm! It was a very early dinner, but fun, fun, fun. And when I got home, I painted the floor with a red (burgundy) semi-gloss paint. And I finished in time to have some time to chill before going to bed early. I was beat.

And what happens when I go to bed really early. I get up really early. I was up at 3:00. At three am! But there’s no point in lying in bed, tossing and turning, so I got up and by 5:00 I’d finished another coat of paint on the bathroom floor. It was a job almost done, so then I lit the fire and read while the paint dried.

Later today, I’ll remove all the tape from the walls and fixtures, and I’ll put everything in the bathroom back in order and that’ll be one long overdue job finished. 

It’s dark, warm and wet. I’m not going to join the big dog walking group today. It’s just too wet, so we’ll do a short walk and, being Sunday, we’ll laze the day away together. I meet with my BC Stuttering Group this morning.

Mammatus clouds are cellular patterns of pouches hanging 
underneath the base of a cloud—usually a cumulonimbus raincloud. 

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