Monday, November 20, 2023

Yay ALuminum Foil

Ahem. (Cue the fanfare.)

David called for a video chat in the morning, just to say how excited he is about coming for Christmas. That was nice to hear as I am equally as excited. We went over things he should bring and what I can lend him so that he only has carry-on luggage and won’t have to check anything. It was great to chat. Then I committed an act of brilliance and man-oh-man was I rewarded.

I had both heaters in my grand room on all day Saturday. It kept me comfortable, but far from cozy warm, so this morning I decided not to go on the big dog walk, and then we came home, and I lit a fire. My plan was to read beside the fire and ensure no sparks came through the two large holes where pieces of glass had fallen out. (The rest of the window is in but full of cracks.)

And then I had an idea. I got a large piece of tin foil from the kitchen, and I put it up against the glass, covering the two large holes. And voila, no warm air being sucked out of the house, no in-blowing breeze fanning the fire, causing it to burn too hot and fast, and not chance of sparks coming into the living room. The draw of air is inwards as heated air rises through the chimney, so the foil is held in place by air pressure.

I didn’t use the electrical heat all day and that thrilled me because using the heaters is so frighteningly expensive. The house was warm and cozy all day. I was delighted, and this morning, I’m expecting a call from Sunray about fixing the window.  I’m also going to TTY my eye clinic to find out when, tomorrow, my surgery is happening.

It’s sunny and cool again today. We haven’t had rain for over a week. Rain is due tomorrow (maybe), but then the rest of the week is supposed to be sunny. I’ll be chillin’ today in advance of two hectic days coming, reading in front of the fire and with aluminium foil on the glass door.

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