Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Doctor and David day

Tuesday began with a short walk with Her Highness, and then I took her to the groomer’s for a wash and haircut. And while she was there, I worked on my letter to Jennifer, my nurse practitioner. I had a mid-afternoon appointment with her to get a referral to Dr. Shoja and to talk to her about what I think is a cardiac issue. It was another glorious, but cold, day at Pinecone Park.

When I finished the letter, I continued reading the latest novel that I’m reading, and I kept the fire going so that it was cozy warm all day in the house. Then, after lunch and more reading, I went to see Jennifer, my nurse practitioner. She has arranged for me to see the pacemaker clinic (ysy) and to wear a heart monitor (pointless, I think), and she is going to get me to a cardiologist. Plus, she gave me the referral I needed for Dr. Shoja. All is good.

Last night, I put a huge piece of wood into the wood burner fairly late into the evening, and it slow burned all night making the house very pleasant to wake up in this morning. I didn’t rush to light the fire. Instead, I had a nice slow morning.

David wrote to say that he is coming to Pinecone Park for Christmas if one last concern can be addressed, and that’s finding a place to stay in Vancouver when he arrives and before he departs. I’m confident our friend Paula will come through for him, so I’m feeling rather excited about the prospect of the best Christmas in decades for me, and certainly the best one since moving to Gabriola. 

Today is cloudy, damp and cool. I’ll be reading much of the day, but I do plan to clean up the courtyard if the rain holds off. 

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