Monday, November 13, 2023

More National Theatre

Sunday was very busy in the morning, and it started at 3:00 am. I’d gone to bed so early, that I got up fed the pets, had breakfast, and then painted the second coat on the floor. Next up, walking Her Highness and then I had a two-hour Zoom session with my friends in the BC Stutterers group. And after that, it was lunchtime. Then reading, and when my butt hits that chaise, and I pull the blankie over my lap, I am the happiest of people on earth. I have my drink and Ethel comes to sit on my lap.

The Piano Tuner is set in Burma during the war. War is not part of the story. I love the piano tuner; the story is told in his voice. Dr. Shoja asked me what my happy places are and I realize I forgot to tell her about reading.

Early in the afternoon, Her Highness and I played ball at Rollo Park, and when I came home, I had a spa. And then … and then… I put my bathroom back together. I am thrilled with the new semi-gloss dark red floor. It looks so clean and smart. When I moved here, it came with a stain in the bedroom carpet and stained linoleum Finally, it’s a pleasure to use my ensuite.

Early in the evening I watched another play by National Theatre—a comedy by the writers of One Man, Two Guvnors. I can’t say that I liked the play all that much. However, the production design and acting were superlative. There were some mighty mighty appealing performances, and the script is funny in places, but after The Corn is Green, it’s candy. I forgot to tell Dr. S. about theatre, as well. Later, I watched a second play, Hex, a modern and magical musical adaptation of the Sleeping Beauty story.

I haven’t and couldn’t watch sports on TV. But I get it. Those fans feel about sports as I feel about theatre. As Lady Gaga says: I was born this way. And although I didn’t really get to know much about Françoise, my birth mother. I got a lot of what she did, though. And she was as fanatical about theatre as am I. French language and theatre were my first loves and I loved them from birth. That story gives me something. It gives me a bit of history. I have a biological connection that I met in person. I always felt so far outside, it felt good to be connected. 

This is the second time I’ve signed up with the National. I waited a couple of years so that I could binge watch all the new ones. The curtain calls are my orgasms. I feel so close to the actors in the film, plus I have subtitles. And the actors are truly overwhelming. Their diction, their timing, their myriad of skills. I’ve heard that National Ballet has a streaming service. I think I’ll do that next.

Like optimism, a passion for the arts came from deep within. That is also a blessing. I love that the horror of FND made me move to Gabriola and write and perform a monologue that impressed all the people who’ve stuck with me through the past seven years.

I looked at Christmas decorations in the hardware store. I want to tart the place up for David’s visit and Christmas. It’s something haven’t done since 1984, when Steve left. I’m really glad David is coming. I’m going to feel empty when he leaves. His coming out to me created a strong bond. He feels like a godson. 

The Zoom session with my BC Stuttering group was really interesting. There are five of us; we meet online once a month. I’ve been one of us for 3 years and we’ve become good friends. One of us, Irfan, is stunningly handsome. That’s therapy for me. 

Today has dawned without a cloud in the sky. It is lovely and bright, but the ground and everything is wet from last night’s rain. It’s likely to be pleasant like today until Thursday, so I will get to some yard work, cleaning up all the beautiful fallen leaves and ugly cones.

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