Sunday, November 19, 2023

Yay TTY!!!

Well… the TTY telephone service is fabulous.  It works easily and all went very well for me. I had an operator named Nicolas, and here’s what he said at the end of our call: “You have been the nicest customer I’ve worked with today. You can be proud. I really enjoyed working with you and I mean that!” It was very kind of him to say that because it gives me confidence for the future. With his help, I expect to get a call or email Monday morning with a time and date for a service call here to fix the glass. I’m very relieved!!

Also, I was happy to discover that the house stays warm when I use the electric baseboard heaters that serve my big living/dining/kitchen/office room. That, too, was a relief. Still, I had one of my many warm woolen blankets on me as I read on the chaise most of the day. All the leaves are off the trees now, and it really feels Wintery outside, hence my desire to get it fixed as quickly as possible.

Ron took Her Highness for a walkabout in the early afternoon, and once she was back, I had a spa. I love being in the lovely hot water and hearing only birdsong and the odd human made sound.

I had impossibly bad speech today and I’m certain it’s because of breaking the glass. By evening, having been comfortably warm all day and after a long and wonderful spa, I felt more adjusted to the accident. And that’s good because I’ve other the surgery coming on Tuesday, and a return to the hospital on Wednesday before I get my leisure time back.

Often, through the day, I recalled my first TTY experience. Nicolas called two companies for me. The first said that they could come and install it, but I would have to get the glass myself, and the caulking, and I didn’t feel up to creating a template. So, I asked Nicolas to tell him that I’d look into things and get back to them. And once he’d hung up on the company, he shared with me that it was poor service for a company advertising fireplace insert repairs. 

His choice to tell me that, made him more than an interpreter. I told him, at the outset, that I was a first-time caller, and the things he said to me were really encouraging. That’s a kind gift because I was nervous about using the system. No more, though! With this service, I am now completely self-reliant. Kris, CAYA, and TTY, all introduced to my life in the past few months, have really made a huge and positive impact on my life.

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