Thursday, November 23, 2023

New Device

Wednesday began with two surprises: One, it was gloriously sunny after a night of rainfall, and two, the glass in the fireplace insert door was sitting snug against the frame this morning when I went to take it out. I think the firebox slightly expanded when I lit the fire, and the glass slipped properly into the frame. I was delighted not to have to remove it and take it with me to Nanaimo for more grinding. It simplified my day.

I took my shield off and saw through my new lens for the first time. It is wonderful to see blues so richly and my vision is clean and sharp. Her Highness and I got into the ferry line up in the best of spirits—me, because of the lightness of my duty load for the day, and she was happy about our morning walk and an ensuing bone treat.

While we waited for the ferry, I read the directions for my new device from CAYA. It can record up to 39 20-second messages, and it’s just 2.5” X 5”; it’s compact and immensely more powerful than the 2 devices (hosting pre-recorded messages) that I have now. It’s an amazing tool that I know I will use as often as my boogie board. These CAYA devices are terrific compensation. And thank God that my speech works well here at home with friends. So, all is good.

On Tuesday, during my day with Kris, I could speak reasonably well with her when we were together in the car. Once we got out of the car, I became mute. When we were in the car, I’d speak rather well for a while, and then I’d be made mute for 1-3. Minutes, and that happens often. I think they are mini seizures that I am having. I had roughly 10 of them when I was with Kris. They are very frustrating. This is all since the second coming.

Hurray! I’ve no appointments today. I get the entire day to myself, and it’s going to be a beauty of a day. It’s cold, but it’s sunny and bright‑very bright, thanks to my new eye. I may do some mild yard work, but mostly I plan to just chill with a book and the pets. Plus, I hope to make some progress on the new CAYA device.

It’s American Thanksgiving today. To celebrate with my ex, who’s American, I am sharing some work by Hannah Rothstein. (

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