Saturday, November 18, 2023

Firebox Failure

Friday was a long, slow, gentle day. I did nothing worth reporting and today will be the same. I’m very happy with the weather. It hasn’t rained for a week and the cold makes it so very pleasant to be indoors, all comfy warm and dry and with a good book to read. Our outdoor adventures were reduced to a walk in the morning and ball play in the park in the afternoon.

I had little energy all day and by 8:00 in the evening, I was falling asleep, so I went to bed at nine o’clock. Nine o’clock! And I slept a full eight hours.

It’s six am, and I am panicking. I broke the glass on the firebox in my living room and I am pissed! It’s my fault. I did it, and now I have another problem to deal with. And this is a big problem because I can’t tell who the insert manufacturer is. The manufacturer’s data is hidden behind the surrounding rock chimney. Sigh. Thank God I have electric heaters. I just hope that I don’t have to use them for long. 

The process of dealing with the broken glass began with registering with Telus to use the TTY telephone service for the first time. Now that I’m registered, I’m waiting for business hours to call the two places that might be able to fix my firebox door. Both are in Nanaimo.

At least it’s sunny and the hot tub will soothe my soul when I get into it. I find problems like this firebox door terribly upsetting. My condition worsens when something major goes wrong in my tiny little world. As Yeats wrote: “Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold.”

The beautiful Blanket Octopus.

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