Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Dianne Visits!

Yesterday’s sky dawned clear and blue, but it quickly clouded over just as happened on Sunday, and then we had a short shower of rain. I drove to fitness under grey skies that gave me some hope for a nice afternoon, did the class (and as each week goes by, it gets easier and better), and then I drove home enjoying sporadic sunny periods.

I had vacuuming to do, and I picked all my Daffs that were bending over to make bouquets for the house. Plus, I made some salted caramel sauce for the apple galette I made later in the afternoon. Deserts are vital! I made the galette with puff pastry because I had some on hand left over from baking that I did the other day. I hoped it would work!

It did. It looks acceptable to me, and I know it will taste fabulous when I drizzle some salted caramel on it and add some vanilla ice cream. I mean when guests come, we can go over the top, no?

We’d planned on pizzas from Woodfire for dinner. But they are closed on Mondays, and I forgot that, so chicken pies took centre stage. I did not want to go out for dinner, and Di, after a day of travelling, I thought would want to stay home as well. 

She arrived just before 7:00 and quickly got settled while I got dinner ready to be served. Then we ate and talked, then we moved into the living room and sat by the fire and talked all the night away. I got into bed at 11:00. It was a great night. Di was totally accepting of my shakes and freezes, bless her, and her acceptance helps me greatly; she gives me confidence and lessons my social anxiety.

I’m off early this morning to take Sheba in for a grooming, and the balance of the day will unfold as it will. It started off cloudy and wet this morning, but there are signs that make me optimistic about the day’s potential. No matter the weather, we’re going to have a good day today, Di and I!

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