Wednesday, March 27, 2024


Tuesday was lovely. Sheba and I went for a short walk and then I took her in for grooming, and I picked up the most gorgeous Doodle when she was done. She shines when she is newly clipped and washed. Dianne was very impressed, and so was Jane.

Jane is our dear friend who lives in Courtney. She came to visit for the day, so we went to Ground Up for lunch together. When we got there, it was busy, so I suggested we drop our things on the last table large enough for us before we went to the front to order. And when I was done putting my coat on the chair, I noticed a gorgeous woman at a nearby table smiling in my direction.

I turned to looked behind me, but saw no one showing an interest in her, and when I turned back towards her, she said, “Chris! Hi! It’s Caitlin.” And oh my God, I would not let go of her. I hugged her forever, gently took her face in my two hands and I told her how much I loved her. Cait is the daughter of long-time and wonderful friends, Edwin and Jude. I’ve known her for her entire life but haven’t seen her in probably slightly over a decade.

She moved, long ago, to Haida Gwaii, but she came back a few years ago to train to be a doctor. She’s on the island doing a 2-week practicum at our clinic. She is beautiful and warm and I could not love a person more. She is the ideal daughter. Oh, oh, how lovely it was to see her. 

Then we came back to the house to finish the galette and chat. Then Jane left for home just before 3:00.  Then, while Di chilled at Pinecone Park, Sheba and I went for a lovely long forest walk, then we came home to shill, then dinner, then a movie together. And we all went to bed early. It was a great, great day.

Last night we had torrential rain and a windstorm, but there was no power failure and no huge branches fell and destroyed my garden or fences. However, our group dog walk is not happening, so Her Highness and I will walk alone and on a short trail. I suspect today we’ll be chillin’ and readin’ all day, but Di has a date to meet a friend for coffee this afternoon.

I’ll also spend a lot of time watching what’s going on next door at Dave and Ursula’s. The foundation concrete was poured yesterday, and today, the wood for the floor arrived. Things are moving at a furious pace! The fellows doing the building are really nice guys; they work hard and efficiently (but they are fully clothed, I’m sad to say). Dave and Ursula must be over-the-moon excited, and I love watching the work.

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