Sunday, March 10, 2024

American Fiction: Yes!!!

Saturday began with a surprise: Sunshine! Plus, I got notice that our BC Stuttering Group meets this morning on Zoom, so that will be fun.

Having rested the entire day on Friday, yesterday morning I was full of energy. I vacuumed, sorted all the recycling to take to GIRO, did laundry, and hosed down the hallway rug that was the site of Sheba’s emergency. It was lovely to have a fine day during which the rug could begin to dry out.

When all my work was done, Sheba and I piled into the car to go for our walk, then to GIRO to drop off all my recycling, and then into the village to do some grocery shopping. It was a good day because I felt so rested and energized. But I have one problem bothering me. On Friday, my right hand was quite sore. Yesterday, the pain had decreased but my entire hand was very swollen, and I have no idea why. However, one knuckle is very painful for some reason.

When we got home from our errands, I settled onto the chaise to read, and Her Highness slept. Then we had lunch. I was tempted to do yard work, but everything was so wet, I chose to enjoy an idle day. I’m very keen to get at gardening, but I only garden in comfort. I’m no macho gardener. 

I watched American Fiction. I keep learning the same lesson: It’s not the story, it’s how you tell it. I loved the lead actor, as an actor and as a steaming hot male lead. It’s funny, it’s an intellectual maze, it’s moving, it’s hard to categorize. I know: It’s sophisticated. And it’s an masterpiece of an ending. It’s all terribly, wonderfully clever, and it’s makes brilliant use of the lead’s profession, writing, to flip the film in a literary way. No sex, no violence, and clever as stink. The director should win an Oscar. 

After a windstorm without a power outage (!) late yesterday and through the night, it has dawned bright and sunny this morning. The mysterious swelling of my right hand is healing, and I feel good. Sheba and I will have a shortish walk this morning before my Zoom session with my fellow BC stutterers, and then I’ll chill through the day. But if the weather holds, I may get outside to clean up the shed.

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